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Making Healthy Food Choices Choosing Vegetables and Fruit

eating enough vegetables and fruit each day is important for good health vegetables and fruit are a great source of fiber antioxidants vitamins and minerals antioxidants are substances

found in food that can protect your body's cells from damage and may help prevent heart disease and diabetes vegetables and fruits of different colors contain different vitamins and minerals including many colors of fruits and vegetables on your plate will give

your body many different vitamins and minerals vegetables and fruits are available fresh frozen and canned fresh vegetables and fruits are available whole or pre washed and chopped for your convenience these options usually have no added sugar or sodium frozen

vegetables and fruits are just as nutritious as the fresh options frozen vegetables and fruits can save you time preparing a meal since they are already washed and pre-cut it's fast and easy to add them to your meal check the ingredient list on frozen vegetables and fruits to make sure that sugar and salt

have not been added canned vegetables and fruits can also save you timepreparing your meals and snacks beware that some of these products have added sodium and sugar choose products that have the low sodium or no sugar added

claim on the package for fresh frozen and canned vegetables and fruits you also have the choice of buying organic options many people choose organic foods to limit the amount of pesticides on the
food pesticides are substances used to prevent pests from damaging food crops in Canada both organic

and non-organic food producers have to follow strict guidelines to reduce the amount of pesticides they use all foods are tested to make sure that they are safe to eat don't avoid eating  egetables and fruits just

because the organic version is not available or is too expensive the benefits of eating non-organic produce far outweigh any risk there is from pesticides eating organic or non-organic vegetables and fruits with each meal can improve your health and decrease the chance that you'll develop heart diseas

diabetes or have a stroke choose which type you prefer have access to and can afford the next time you're at the grocery store add lots of vegetables and fruits to your cart to make colorful nutritious meals visit a fear plate CA or produce made simple dot CA for tipsand recipes

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